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Hi! I am Simon, a curious AI & Robotics graduate from PXL University of Applied Sciences, and now a last-year master's student at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of KU Leuven and Hasselt University.

From childhood, I've always been eager to learn. I was always the one that wanted to learn how things worked. From space and rockets to science and philosophy, I am always open to learn and to constantly seek personal development while taking pleasure in interacting with and getting to know new people.

I have an exceptional drive for self-improvement for not only academic but also in my pursuit of Personal development and how you can always be the best version of yourself.

More about me

In 2019 I started at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hasselt where I graduated in application development with specifications in AI & Robotics. Here, I rediscovered my passion for space, physics, and engineering. After a couple international and interdisciplinary projects and graduation, the reignition of my passions led me to pursuing a Master of Science in Systems Engineering Technology.

In 2022 I started at KU Leuven & Hasselt University's Faculty of Engineering Technology where I currently am a last-year master's student in Software Systems Engineering. Here I became an integral part of the interdisciplinary OSCAR project focused on the development of high-performance quantum diamond magnetometers for space applications.

Simon Wilmots Simon Wilmots Simon Wilmots


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