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I've always been eager to learn from childhood. From computers and space to psychology and science, I had to find out how something functions.

I am very passionate about Personal development and how you can always be the best version of yourself.

More about me

In 2016 I started my first study in Computer Science at the Miniemeninstituut in Leuven 🇧🇪. In this education I have received the basis that will serve me well in my next studie(s).

In 2019 I started at PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hasselt. Currently, I am a last-year application development student with specifications in AI & Robotics.

Simon Wilmots Simon Wilmots Simon Wilmots


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A Brief History Of Time

Stephen Hawking

Hawking writes in non-technical terms about the structure, origin, development and eventual fate of the Universe. He talks about basic concepts like space and time, basic building blocks that make up the Universe (such as quarks) and the fundamental forces that govern it (such as gravity).


12 Rules For Life

Jordan B. Peterson

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a 2018 self-help book by Canadian clinical psychologist and psychology professor Jordan Peterson. It provides life advice through essays in abstract ethical principles, psychology, mythology, religion, and personal anecdotes.


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