Conecta Software

International Internship



3 weeks

Team size


Three week internship at Conecta Software & Erasmus in Tenerife, Spain in connection with IoT & smart devices


In my senior year at Miniemeninstituut, to be able to graduate, we had to set up our own company the same way we should in real life. With this "company", we had the opportunity to do an internship in different kind of companies and enterprises.

Out of 45 students, only six could go on international internships; three people could go to The Netherlands and another three people could go to Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).

After some hard work and a lot of presentations and interviews, our "company" called CodeX Ltd. was selected for the international internship at Conecta Software in Tenerife, Spain.

Research assignment

Conecta Software was developing smart cities (in Spain). They were in collaboration with another Spanish company called Hopu that is creating Smart POints of Interest (POI). These Smart POIs are interactive areas (1-80 metres) where users can interact via their smartphones thanks to a device known as a Smart Spot that sends “push” notifications with digital content through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without the need to install native Apps.

The data from each individual SmartSport can be monitored in real-time on a dashboard.


Some real life applicatons for SmartSpots:

  • Crowd Monitoring: To track where the most crowds are based on WiFi signals
  • Air Quality monitoring (NO2, CO2, O3, ...)
  • Noise pollution monitoring (30dB-130dB)
  • Measure energy consuption